MB Connection

Silver Lining

Since our last posting, the world has changed in ways that were unimaginable just weeks ago.  A silver lining that has appeared in this crisis has been the strength and resilience of the nonprofit community.

We have been awed, inspired but not the least surprised by the ability of our nonprofit partners to respond swiftly to this new paradigm with passion and purpose.  Leaders have stepped up to meet the myriad of challenges by demonstrating decisiveness and compassion amid chaos and uncertainty.

  • We see health and human service organizations courageously contending with on the ground threats with resiliency and heroism.  The dedication, passion and commitment of workers on the frontlines is evident every day. 
  • We see the rapid response of the philanthropic community awarding emergency grants to support nonprofit organizations facing unprecedented challenges. 
  • We see arts and cultural institutions lifting spirits by offering virtual tours of collections, providing online educational programming and sharing archived content freely. 
  • We see choirs and orchestras coming together as soloists in concert, streaming inspiring performances from their living rooms.  Dramatists and dancers are holding digital rehearsals and practicing online choreography.
  • We see development teams simultaneously unraveling imminent annual galas while creatively executing reimagined events on virtual platforms.
  • We see educators pivoting overnight to online classrooms, finding creative ways to keep their students engaged while looking out for their mental wellbeing.
  • We see volunteer organizations sending care packages of gratitude and support to COVID-19 frontline responders and troops.
  • We see boards stepping up to provide support, guidance and funding to organizations and their leaders who are balancing the staffing, programmatic and fiduciary challenges induced by the crisis.

Today, nonprofit organizations are critical in addressing the challenges brought on by the pandemic and will be instrumental in imagining and implementing solutions.  We are heartened by the kindness, empathy, ingenuity, and resilience that we see in the nonprofit community and confident in the sector’s ability to navigate the challenges ahead.