MB Connection

What We Are Thankful For

November 16, 2020

2020 continues to be a year like none other.  While we continue to be vigilant in our focus on health and safety, with the holidays and cold weather approaching and many of us forgoing our traditional seasonal get-togethers, this year has also enabled us the time to stop, slow down and appreciate the world around us. 

This Thanksgiving we are grateful for the following:

The reminder of glaring inequities, injustice and institutionalized racism faced by Black Americans and communities of color that has reignited our commitment to be antiracist and strive to change our world for the better.

First responders and essential workers who sacrifice time with their families and risk their own health to serve others.

An ability to spend quality time with our family, whether in person because we live with them or via video technology that allows us to feel connected even when miles apart.

An appreciation for our full lives and the integration of our personal and professional worlds – learning to embrace the interruptions of young children, cats or dogs on a regular basis while working from home.

Meeting new people who are committed to the nonprofit sector and who share their capacity to lead in times of great uncertainty.

Compassion that allows for us to check in with each other and also permits us to acknowledge when we have had less than good days.

And finally, for those of us in Los Angeles, we are grateful for the championship-winning Dodgers and Lakers who for a moment in time, granted us the ability to escape reality and cheer!