Position Description

Position Description

Harbor Regional Center

(Torrance, CA)

Title: Executive Director


Harbor Regional Center (HRC) is a private, nonprofit organization operating under contract with the State of California’s Department of Developmental Services. One of 21 regional centers in California, HRC serves as a point of entry into the State’s developmental services system. Regional Centers serve people of all ages with developmental disabilities and their families, infants with a significant developmental delay, high risk, or established risk for developmental disability, and pregnant women who are at risk for having a child with this type of disability. Development disabilities include intellectual disability, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, autism, and other disabling conditions that are found to be closely related to intellectual disability or to require the same kinds of services. Harbor Regional Center serves nearly 15,000 people with developmental disabilities, and their families, who reside in the Greater South Bay and the Greater Long Beach areas of Los Angeles County. 


Harbor Regional Center provides quality services, support, information, and choices for people with developmental disabilities and their families, to promote their participation as valued neighbors in our communities.


The Harbor Regional Center Vision describes how it hopes to see the world for people with developmental disabilities and their families:

  • People with developmental disabilities live, learn, work, and play with families and friends in typical communities.
  • Families are respected and empowered with early, consistent, and culturally sensitive support.
  • They are provided with the tools and guidance to promote their children's development, as well as the security and stability of their family.
  • People with developmental disabilities and family members are informed and knowledgeable partners with Harbor Regional Center, who take a leadership role in the governance of the service delivery system and demonstrate responsibility in ensuring its success.

For more information about Harbor Regional Center, please visit http://www.harborrc.org.


The Executive Director acts as the Chief Executive Officer of the organization and has the responsibilities for day-to-day management of its business, employees and resources. This position develops and oversees the vision and strategic plan of HRC and ensures alignment with its operations in accordance with the Lanterman Act, other applicable statutes and regulations as well as best business practices under the direction of a 14-member Board of Trustees. The Executive Director is expected to maintain a strong relationship with the Board and its various working committees. The Board is representative of the various constituencies that it serves.

The successful candidate will provide overall leadership for the Regional Center within the framework of the existing legislation, state regulations and policies and goals established by the Board of Trustees. There are 346 full time employees at Harbor Regional Center and these are managed through the following direct reports: Director of Early Childhood Services, Director of Children’s Services, Director of Adult Services, Director of Community Services, Chief Financial Officer, Director of Information and Development, Director of Human Resources, and an Executive Assistant. The Executive Director will be expected to develop and lead a strong management team with a customer service orientation. This individual will work closely with staff to develop new and refine existing programs in response to client and community needs. 

The Executive Director has responsibility for monitoring and managing a budget of approximately $260 million. Although the majority of funding is a combination of state and federal government programs, HRC also receives funding for specific projects or purposes from foundations, businesses and individuals.

Other responsibilities include:

  • Develops long and short-range goals for the performance of services to the developmentally disabled through the auspices of HRC.
  • Coordinates, monitors and orchestrates intra-agency activities.
  • Provides for continuing development of staff skills and knowledge by creating mechanisms for in-service education and training.
  • Promotes clear, efficient and timely communication channels among all levels of staff throughout the organization.
  • Establishes and maintains effective personal and working relationships with representatives of governmental agencies, educational institutions, state and local health and welfare agencies, news media, voluntary health and welfare agencies, civic organizations, and professional societies.
  • Represents HRC and its goals in the local community and at the State level. Maintains excellent communication and smooth working relationships with the California Department of Developmental Services, other regional centers, providers of HRC services, and with the numerous advisory committees operating under the structure of Harbor Regional Center. 


Executive Director will be a visionary, forward-thinking leader with an entrepreneurial spirit. The successful candidate will have strong administrative, financial and organizational skills. This individual will be expected to analyze current practices and implement new procedures that conserve time and money and better serve the needs of the clients and their families. The individual in this role will have a demonstrated commitment to promoting diversity within the organization and a recognition of the diverse nature of the community. 

The Executive Director must be diplomatic and decisive but cognizant of the ramifications of decisions and sensitive to the process of building consensus. This person should be able to create harmonious relationships and develop good rapport and excellent interpersonal relationships, both internally and externally. The Executive Director will have a leadership style that endorses collaboration, consensus and open communication. This individual should also be an accomplished speaker/presenter, have strong training skills and be a compassionate but strong leader as well as a person of vision. In addition, the Executive Director will be a good listener, mature and flexible. An excellent knowledge of budgets and overall financial management is important. Knowledge of community and governmental relations, experience working with volunteers and volunteer boards and effective media and public relations skills are essential. This individual must have exceptional written and verbal communication skills and be politically astute, good at setting priorities, and have the ability to deal with multiple tasks and functions simultaneously. The person in this position must have high ethical standards and be very self-motivated. Ingenuity, compassion, dedication, enthusiasm, and energy are key attributes. The Executive Director will have strong leadership and organizational skills, success at Board recruitment and development, and will understand the importance of leveraging their strengths by delegating to staff. This person will be a proactive leader. Above all, the Executive Director will be committed to issues of the developmentally disabled and will be capable of developing an emotional investment in the mission and vision of HRC. 


The Executive Director should have a minimum of five years of successful leadership experience in a health or human service organization. Although the successful candidate will likely have solid experience in a nonprofit, preferably social service environment, this person could be from the for-profit or governmental sectors with strong nonprofit volunteer experience and a commitment to working with the developmentally disabled. Successful experience in constituency, governmental and inter-agency resources management, budgeting, and volunteer/board relations is important. 


An undergraduate degree is required; an advanced degree is preferred.


Annual compensation will be competitive and relocation assistance, if needed, is negotiable. A comprehensive benefits package will be provided.


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