The Morris and Berger Difference

We are proud of our outstanding reputation for providing quality placements to the nonprofit sector for 35 years. Some factors that differentiate Morris & Berger from other executive search firms include:


We understand the collaborative and consensus oriented decision-making process of a nonprofit organization and are focused on finding the right candidate to fit the needs of the organization.


Partners are involved in every search. Along with an Associate, we communicate with clients, recruit and interview candidates, conduct references, and negotiate compensation with the final candidates.


We conduct original research for every search and employ two people to help us identify prospective candidates and sources.


We get to know our clients’ needs and engage all stakeholders in the process. We spend time meeting the organization’s Board, staff and volunteers so we accurately represent the organization.


We are responsive to client needs, communicating frequently and being accessible. We listen to what our clients are saying and adjust the search process as appropriate.


We are committed to identifying candidates across a wide range of backgrounds, experiences and ethnicities. We find individuals who will strengthen an organization and continually support a diverse culture.


We treat every candidate with dignity, letting them know the status of their candidacy throughout every step of the process.


Two Morris & Berger senior staff members conduct all interviews together.


In the unlikely event that the search ends without a successful candidate accepting an offer, Morris & Berger will recruit additional candidates for no additional professional fee.

Our Commitment to Diversity,
Equity and Inclusion

Morris & Berger is deeply committed to diversity, equity and inclusion and to building a diverse nonprofit workforce. As a firm, we are continuing to foster an inclusive culture that encourages, supports, and celebrates the diverse voices of our team and we seek to help our clients do the same. We are passionate about helping our clients create inclusive workplaces that promote and value diversity because organizations that are diverse in age, gender, identity, race, sexual orientation, ethnicity, and perspective are proven to be stronger organizations. Our goal in every search is to identify and recruit candidates across a wide range of backgrounds and experiences. We want our clients to flourish with the right team and leadership in place and pride ourselves on finding individuals who share our commitment and who will proudly promote and lead diverse organizations.