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Collaborating to find leadership talent that will thrive.

Facilitating your search process.

Through our experience, knowledge and in-depth understanding of the nonprofit sector, we support our clients’ success while connecting candidates with a career they love in an organization where they can reach their full potential.

Finding candidates who will strengthen and transform an organization means supporting a culture of diversity and inclusion. Our role is to serve as a facilitator to the search process and a provider of an experienced, diverse, and qualified candidate pool. Enabling our clients to flourish with the right team and leadership is something we achieve through being excellent listeners, communicators and responders, to both our clients and candidates, every step of the way.

Supporting a culture of diversity.

At Morris & Berger, our unwavering commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) drives our mission. We cultivate an inclusive culture within our firm, one that not only encourages but also celebrates the diverse voices and perspectives of our team. We aim to help our clients do the same, fostering workplaces that champion diversity in age, gender, identity, race, sexual orientation, ethnicity, and perspective.

Research shows that such diversity leads to stronger, more robust organizations. In every search we undertake, our goal is to execute an equitable process. We accomplish this by actively identifying and recruiting candidates from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences. Our ultimate objective is to help our clients thrive with the right team and leadership in place. We take immense pride in our ability to discover individuals who are eager to lead and promote diverse, thriving organizations.

We serve each client by identifying and recruiting the best candidates for their needs.

Meet the team.

The nonprofit sector is our passion.

We are proud of our successful history in nonprofit executive search. We approach each search as a collaborative process with our clients. As a result, we forge robust, lasting relationships with our nonprofit partners.

Today the team is led by Karin Berger Stellar, our Managing Partner, who has been an integral part of the firm since 2000. With a wealth of experience, Karin dedicates her time, energy, and expertise not only to our clients but also to her community through various volunteer roles. Working closely with Karin on searches are Vice Presidents Jessie Okelberry and Rachel Sanchez, both of whom are involved in the entire search process.

The entire Morris & Berger team is dedicated to fostering strong partnerships with our clients and our approach is built on principles of integrity and respect for everyone involved.

Since 2000

Karin Berger Stellar


Managing Partner

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Since 2011

Jessie Okelberry


Vice President

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Since 2019

Rachel Sanchez


Vice President

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Since 1987

Jay Berger


Founding Partner

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Since 2008

Lauren Geraci


Director of Operations

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Since 2013

Jessica Arsenault


Director of Research

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Since 2021

Emily Lauder


Director of Marketing & Communications

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Since 1993

Molly Bachmann


Of Counsel

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Alskling Stellar

Director of Zoomie Affairs

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Bailey Geraci

Chief Cuddle Expert

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Marley Okelberry

Senior Canine Consultant - In Memoriam

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Sunny Lauder

Canine Culture Curator

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Bark, bark.

At Morris & Berger, we take pride in fostering a vibrant and progressive company culture that promotes employee well-being and productivity. We have embraced a heartwarming addition to our workplace that has had a profound impact on our team – dogs!

Our dog-friendly policy has brought numerous unexpected benefits to our office environment. Meet our dogs!

Partnering with nonprofits for executive search since 1984.

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