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Pawsitive Vibes Only: How Dogs Make Us Happier

August 15, 2023

At Morris & Berger, we take pride in fostering a vibrant and progressive company culture that promotes employee well-being and productivity. In recent years, we have embraced a heartwarming addition to our workplace that has had a profound impact on our team – dogs! Our dog-friendly policy has brought numerous unexpected benefits to our office environment.

1. Reducing Stress and Boosting Morale

Since introducing dogs to our office, we have noticed a remarkable transformation in the overall mood of our team members. During hectic workdays, taking a moment to interact with our furry co-workers has become a cherished break, providing our team with energy and motivation.

2. Fostering a Positive Work Environment

Our four-legged friends have a remarkable ability to bring people together. By having dogs in the office, we have more opportunities to engage in casual conversations, share stories about our pets, and form deeper connections with one another. This camaraderie has enhanced our teamwork and strengthened our sense of belonging, leading to a happier and more cohesive workforce.

3. Encouraging Physical Activity

At Morris & Berger, we recognize the importance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Our dogs have become delightful motivators for our team members to stay active. Taking our furry friends for short walks throughout the day not only benefit our well-being but encourages us to step away from our desks and enjoy fresh air. The result is an energized and healthier workforce which leads to improved productivity and focus throughout the day.

We firmly believe that our dogs have become integral members of our team, positively impacting our company culture and enhancing our commitment to employee well-being and productivity. As we continue to witness the tremendous benefits of our dog-friendly policy, we look forward to the many more tail-wagging moments that lie ahead, shaping a future where our pawsitively productive workplace continues to thrive.

Meet our pack here.