How to Prepare the Day Before a Big Job Interview

Congratulations for landing an interview!  Being selected for this step in the search process is a big deal.  Out of all the applicants, you have been determined to be a potential fit based on your previous experience and expertise which is a huge accomplishment.  Still, interviews can be nerve wracking, especially if you are in […]

7 Questions to Ask Recruiters

Whether you are searching for a new position or not, chances are you’ve been approached by at least one recruiter for a position they think you would be a wonderful fit for. Even if you aren’t personally interested, someone in your network could be, so it is always a good idea to have a conversation […]

5 Ways to Elevate Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is one of the most powerful tools for nonprofit professionals in building their networks and getting hired.  However, if your profile is not up to date or nonexistent, it’s easy to get overlooked by recruiters and potential connections.  You could be the perfect fit for an opening, but if you do not have a […]

Five ways to develop and maintain your network remotely

While meeting people face-to-face is still at a minimum, it is hard to grab coffee or lunch with our business contacts.  Even though we have to rely on technology until we can start building our networks in-person again, here are some ways to stay engaged and connected. 1. Update your LinkedIn profile. Often we forget that […]

Why Cover Letters Matter – and Mistakes to Avoid

Do cover letters matter?  In a word: yes! Particularly when applying to work for a mission-driven nonprofit, a cover letter is not only your opportunity to demonstrate your writing abilities and highlight relevant experience, but also a way to convey your passion for the organization.  In any job, the ability to communicate effectively and persuasively […]

Building a List of References

You have made it this far in the interview process with the organization of your dreams and now, the Search Firm is asking you to provide a list of references. At this point, you have shown the Search Committee and valued members of the staff that your work experience is relevant, and you have the […]

Moving from the For-Profit to the Nonprofit Sector: Things to Consider

So, you want to make the move from the for-profit world to the nonprofit sector.  That is great!  We know how satisfying and rewarding it can be to work for a mission driven organization.  Whether you are mid-career and thinking about how you can give back to society or are drawn to working for a […]

New year, new job?

How to make the most of your current position and what to do when the joy is gone. As you ring in the new year and set resolutions for 2020, it may be time to take a close look at your career goals.  For some, this could mean a job search and for others, it […]

Resume Dos & Don’ts

The dog days of summer are now behind us and the changing season may have you thinking about changing jobs.  As you dust off your resume, here are some tips to keep in mind and some no-no’s you are better off avoiding. DO: Provide context and consider your audience.  Briefly explain each place you have […]

How To Be a Good Candidate When Working With a Search Firm

You have applied for your dream job and the organization has engaged a search firm.   If this is your first time working with a search firm, you may have some questions about proper protocol.  Here are some tips for staying in our good graces. Be Honest.  It should go without saying that you should always tell […]

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