Position Description

Position Description

Eckerd Connects

(Clearwater, FL)

Title: Chief Financial Officer


Founded in 1968, Eckerd Connects is a pioneering human services organization dedicated to helping children, young adults and families succeed. Founders Jack and Ruth Eckerd envisioned a program to create healthy and successful alternatives to help children turn their lives around.  What started as Florida’s first private boys’ wilderness therapy program quickly expanded to include the state’s first outdoor therapeutic program for girls in the Southeast. Over ensuing years, residential programs expanded to other southern states and New England. By 1982, the Governor of Florida asked the organization to operate the state’s first private juvenile justice program.  Soon after, the organization added a transitional program for youth who successfully completed a residential juvenile justice program to its service offerings. By 2007, Eckerd Connects was serving 9,500 youth with annual revenues of $79M with 25 residential programs spanning eight states. As state agencies began to move away from residential program models, shifting services toward community-based programming, Eckerd Connects transformed over the next 12 years, closing or transitioning residential programs while identifying new ways to help prevent youth, young adults and families from reaching the point of needing acute residential care.  This was the result of Eckerd Connects’ commitment to adapt its programmatic focus by operating services that uplift families in their homes and communities.

Today, Eckerd Connects serves nearly 40,000 clients annually, offering services in 20 states with annual revenue of $330M.  Eckerd Connects provides children, young adults and families a diverse array of community-centered programs spanning child welfare, juvenile justice, workforce development and Job Corps service sectors.  Moving forward, Eckerd Connects is dedicated to providing services that will stop the flood of families into the child welfare and juvenile justice systems.  Eckerd Connects believes the best way to accomplish this is through the power of work, with programs like workforce development and Job Corps that provide families economic stability before the destructive effects of financial insecurity take hold. 


Provide and share solutions that promote the well-being of children, young adults and families in need.


To ensure that every child, young adult and family has the opportunity to succeed.


  • We base our concepts upon a belief in God and respect for all. Every person is uniquely special and has inherent worth.
  • The client always comes first.
  • The first question is always, “Is it good for the client?” No matter the situation, the client’s needs–mind, body and spirit–always come first.
  • Services should focus on the family.
  • When a client needs help, the family needs help. Clients achieve greater long-term success when services and systems of care address the needs of the entire family.
  • Local communities must be engaged and empowered.
  • When a client’s local community is engaged in their care, the chance for success goes up. The best and most efficient systems of care are those that ensure the local community is empowered with the responsibility and resources to meet, at a local level, the needs of the client.
  • We hold ourselves accountable for achieving superior outcomes.
  • Our ultimate measure of success is how well our clients prosper after leaving our care. We embrace industry leading tools, systems and processes for measuring success and improving our outcomes.
  • We engage people from a strength-based perspective.
  • We focus on strengths rather than weaknesses when helping people reach their fullest potential, including our staff and the clients we serve.
  • We are good financial stewards. Every penny given to us by agencies, corporations, parents, donors and foundations is precious. Consequently, administrative overhead is kept reasonable so as to maximize resources on providing quality services.
  • We build strong and lasting partnerships.
  • We work in close partnership with the agencies and communities we serve to help them overcome their challenges. This means we are active listeners and problem solvers who build relationships based on trust, honesty and integrity.
  • We have the courage to innovate and change. The one constant in life is change, and innovation is the key to producing life-changing solutions. We are committed to innovation and when necessary changing ourselves individually, our organization and entire systems of care in the pursuit of providing more clients the second chance they deserve.

Eckerd Connects is committed to not only providing the solutions that help struggling families thrive, but also sharing these solutions with others. To learn more about Eckerd Connects, please visit: https://eckerd.org.


Reporting to the President & CEO, the Chief Financial Officer will be responsible for the management of all financial aspects relative to the corporation and for maintaining and nurturing a strong financial management organization. Specific functional responsibilities include treasury; financial reporting; working capital management; financial strategy; planning and analysis; as well as purchasing. A key responsibility of this individual will be to function as an officer of the corporation and a key advisor to both the executive leadership team and Board of Directors on major financial business issues and decisions. This individual is also responsible for the Information Technology, Risk Management and Facilities functions. In addition, the CFO will oversee all human resources aspects of the organization and for building a workplace environment consistent with the values and mission of Eckerd Connects.

Specific functional responsibility includes oversight of the development and implementation of Eckerd’s human resources strategic plan, including benefits programs, employee relations, compensation structures, HR compliance and reporting functions, organizational structure and development, performance management, culture building, employee recruitment and retention, staffing, diversity, workers’ compensation, risk/loss control and affirmative action programs. The CFO oversees approximately 50 staff in the areas of Accounting, Finance, Facilities, HR, Risk Management, and IT through the following direct reports: Corporate Controller, Vice Presidents of Finance (2), Chief Information Officer, and Director of Risk Management & Privacy. The CFO will work across all levels of the organization and will have external relationships with attorneys, auditors, bankers, consultants/brokers, IT and HR vendors, insurance representatives, employee benefits brokers, and foundations.

Specific Responsibilities Include:


  • Develop and continually refine a comprehensive financial strategy and implement tactics to support the vision and mission of the organization through an understanding of the key financial drivers of the organization.
  • Direct the interpretation of operating results as they affect the financial aspects of the corporation and make recommendations that facilitate the organization in achieving the agreed upon financial strategy.
  • Direct the planning and administration of cash management activities, cooperate with operational leadership in coordinating expenditure programs with forecasted cash flow.
  • Identify organizations for potential merger and acquisition; process non-disclosure and other M&A-related documents; lead the due diligence activities and assist with acquiring Board of Director approval; assist with post M&A integration efforts.
  • Assist in the Business Development arena to ensure appropriate financial analysis is provided to other areas in the organization to facilitate decision-making.
  • Serve as staff liaison to two Board of Director Committees: Finance & Audit and Nominating & Governance.
  • Oversee the performance of the outsourced Information Technology provider; oversee all aspects of the Information Technology function throughout the company.
  • Promote the development and fiscal management of revenues from multiple and diverse funding sources such as managed care companies, insurance companies, private contributors, investment entities, governmental contracts, profit centers, etc.
  • Analyze the organization's financial position and issue periodic financial and operating reports.
  • Direct and coordinate the preparation of the corporate budget process, including supporting the development of the Annual Business Plan.
  • Direct the control and safeguarding of the corporation’s assets.
  • Determine the appropriate funding strategy for risk management issues to include levels of coverage, umbrella policies and self-insured versus fully or partially insured options.
  • Oversee the Risk Management function; review the adequacy of all insurances; and maintain relationship with insurance brokers.
  • Oversee the banking function of the organization; maintain relationships with banks and other financial institutions and negotiate changes as necessary.
  • Ensure that the organization's financial statements and records meet the approval of the organization’s outside auditors.  Correct any deficiencies noted.
  • Serve as Pension Administrator for all pension funds and interface with pension advisors and pension funds management firm.
  • Serve as staff liaison to the Finance & Audit Committee of the Board of Directors.
  • Provide oversight for activities related to Facilities Management.
  • Support ongoing development of future leaders through a combination of succession planning, career development, leadership training, and personal mentoring activities.
  • Report any acts, incidents, or conditions, which reflect the possibility of inappropriate client to client or staff to client relationships.
  • Report any use of physical force and all unusual incidents per EYA guidelines.

Human Resources

  • Provide overall strategic HR leadership to the company; direct or define goals and objectives for the acquisition, retention and development of human capital and talent.
  • Foster a workplace environment consistent with the values and mission outlined by the leadership of Eckerd.
  • Develop and recommend operating budgets for the HR and Training functions and ensure the departments operate within budget allocations; make expenditure adjustments during the budget cycle as appropriate to ensure efficient funds management.
  • Consult with legal counsel as needed regarding HR matters and update and advise executive leadership on legal issues and trends as necessary.
  • Support ongoing development of future leaders through a combination of succession planning, career development, leadership training and personal mentoring activities.
  • Oversee the relationship with, and performance of, the outsourced HR firm; monitor satisfaction levels of the field staff to ensure that their HR and Training needs are being met.
  • Evaluate, develop and lead the HR and Training Departments with a goal of earning a high level of credibility as effective and responsive departments.
  • Serve as a Board member on two off-shore insurance captives, one relating to workers compensation and one related to health care insurance stop loss.


The Chief Financial Officer will be an intelligent, poised, and self-confident professional who communicates well at multiple levels, both orally and in writing.  This will be a servant leader who has total integrity and credibility with a strong sense of mission and buy-in to the overall goals and objectives of Eckerd Connects.  The ability to communicate detailed information and data in a non-emotional and professional fashion that results in successful outcomes is expected.  The next CFO will have outstanding interpersonal skills and be a high-energy, committed person with the initiative to go beyond the traditional scope of the position.  The ideal candidate will be an enthusiastic and persuasive leader who is able to quickly command respect and support, both internally and externally.  The CFO will be a good listener who is accessible and who possesses the ability to adapt and respond effectively to change, while continuing to lead and mentor staff. Candidates should have high ethical standards, strong work ethic, sense of humor, compassion, humility, and a sincere dedication to the mission and values of Eckerd Connects.


The successful candidate will have the capacity to provide leadership at an institutional level with a minimum of ten years of progressively responsible financial and human resources management, at least five of which has been gained in a senior level functional role in a service-oriented organization that deals with a wide variety of constituents.  The CFO should be a strategic thinker with strong conceptual and analytical abilities, a pragmatic orientation, and the ability to analyze problems, measure performance, evaluate results, and identify alternative solutions. In addition, the candidate identified for this position should be a problem-solver with the ability to be responsive to short-term concerns while developing long-range strategies. The CFO should be entrepreneurial and goal oriented, able to adapt and thrive in a continually evolving, growth-oriented organization. Knowledge of financial concepts, technical accounting expertise, financial analyses, and exposure to utilization of information systems is expected. Experience in building, retaining, leading, and supporting a high performance, cohesive management team is important. Although the individual could come from a variety of fields, the CFO will ideally have experience in a large, complex organization with multiple constituencies and diverse program areas. Nonprofit experience is important, whether it be working in an organization or serving in a volunteer capacity on a board. Prior experience/exposure in dealing with governmental agencies and in contract management and administration is highly desirable. Experience with mergers and acquisitions would be valued.


A Bachelor's degree preferably in business, accounting or economics is required; an MBA degree is preferred. CPA certification is required.


Annual compensation will be competitive and relocation assistance, if needed, is negotiable. A comprehensive benefits package will be provided.


Annual compensation will be competitive and relocation assistance, if needed, is negotiable. A comprehensive benefits package will be provided.


To apply for this position, visit www.morrisberger.com/searches.php

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