Position Description

Position Description

Girl Scouts Northern California

(Alameda, CA)

Title: Chief Executive Officer

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San Francisco Bay Area

Serving 19 Northern California Counties

Girl Scouts

Girl Scouts is the preeminent leadership development organization for girls with more than 1.7 million girls and 750,000 adults across the United States. 

Girl Scouts bring their dreams to life and work together to build a better world.  Through programs from coast to coast, Girl Scouts of all backgrounds and abilities can be unapologetically themselves as they discover their strengths and rise to meet new challenges—whether they want to climb to the top of a tree or the top of their class, lace up their boots for a hike or advocate for climate justice, or make their first best friends.  Backed by trusted adult volunteers, mentors, and millions of alums, Girl Scouts lead the way as they find their voices and make changes that affect the issues most important to them.

Girl Scouts of Northern California

Girl Scouts of Northern California (GSNorCal) is an independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit chartered by Girl Scouts of the USA to deliver the Girl Scout program in 19 Northern California counties, from Santa Clara County to the Oregon Border and east to Chico. GSNorCal is among the nation’s five largest Girl Scout councils, serving approximately 44,000 members (24,000 girls and 20,000 adults), with an annual budget of approximately $20 million. 

Girl Scouts’ programs build community and leadership, while also developing skills and resilience through programs focused on: outdoor experience; life skills and mental wellness; STEM; and entrepreneurship. Programming is available for all girls, grades K-12; Girl Scouts is a place where everyone is welcome, and where all girls and families belong. When youth attend summer camps, join a troop, or take part in an exciting Girl Scout event, they find a supportive, environment, where they can acquire powerful 21st century skills and grow into our next generation of leaders.

For All Girls

GSNorCal is committed to providing a welcoming and inclusive environment for every girl and her family, and also offers programs, including summer resident camp programs that welcome all youth who seek a girl experience, including gender expansive youth. Nurturing diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging through engagement, support and learning from many stakeholders, including youth, parents, volunteers, community partners, staff, and donors is a fundamental value for GSNorCal and a key piece of the organization’s strategic plan. This commitment is exhibited through the following:

  • Diversity - Since its founding in 1912, Girl Scouts has always sought to be a space where every girl could find the sisterhood and support she needs to become a young woman of courage, confidence and character.  Today, the focus is on making sure girls of all backgrounds, races, ethnicities, orientations, gender expressions, gender identity, and abilities feel that they are welcome in Girl Scouts, with a focus on removing financial barriers to membership and embracing anti-racism on every level.
  • Equity - Girl Scouts wants all their girls to get what they need to fully participate, prosper, and reach their potential.  GSNorCal’s commitment to equity includes multiple programs intended to expand opportunities for troop and camp experiences for girls living in low-income communities by removing barriers to participation.  They are testing troop delivery models, expanding financial aid, and creating a path to camp.
  • Inclusion - With insight from their BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and People of Color) Task Group, GSNorCal has adopted a Volunteer Policy focused on building welcoming communities by addressing issues around racism and microaggressions, strengthening their knowledge about how to prevent bullying, supporting LGBTQ+ members, and reducing instances where girls, families and volunteers are made to feel othered.
  • Belonging - Sisterhood, connection and belonging is what Girl Scouts provides every day.  GSNorCal is uniquely positioned to offer what girls need as they continue to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic: fostering belonging and connection through troop meetings, programs, and camp; encouraging participation and expression through their work to become an anti-racist organization; and empowering girls to follow their dreams.

For more information, please visit: www.gsnorcal.org. 


The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is responsible for the overall leadership and management of GSNorCal and for the successful achievement of its mission, strategic goals, and financial objectives, supporting the council’s excellent reputation. Reporting to and working in partnership with the Board of Directors, the CEO provides strategic vision, inspirational leadership, and business and financial accountability for the council’s sustainability, impact, future growth and development. A highly visible representative of Girl Scouts and recognized as a leader among Girl Scouts councils nationally, the CEO is responsible for developing and maintaining strong relationships with various constituencies across a geographically and demographically diverse region, including Girl Scouts and their families, staff, board members, volunteers, donors, community leaders, partners, Girl Scout councils nationally, and Girl Scouts of the USA. 

The CEO works with the Board of Directors to develop strategic priorities that advance GSNorCal’s progress towards the organization’s Commitments to Girls, to Equity and to Sustainability. GSNorCal defines Sustainability as “the ongoing capacity of the organization to advance the mission and adapt to and lead change while continuously improving impact, financial health and operations in the short-term and over the long-term.

Working with and through a collaborative and high-performing Executive Team, the CEO is responsible for achieving annual operating results and for planning and executing the council’s annual and long-term goals in the areas including, but not limited to:

Community Engagement

Attracting and Supporting New Members

The CEO is responsible for ensuring that staff, volunteers, and community partners are working together to engage new members and build a foundation for sustainable growth.  Serving as primary bridge-builder and spokesperson on behalf of GSNorCal, the CEO is responsible for conveying compelling messages, marketing strategies and campaigns that will elevate GSNorCal and its program outcomes in the competitive landscape for girls’ time, while ensuring alignment with the GSUSA brand and GSNorCal strategic priorities.

Community Understanding and Engagement

The CEO is an effective listener and connector who:

  • Serves as an ambassador of Girl Scouts and of GSNorCal, while also building opportunities and connections for girls, staff, volunteers, and board members, to engage in two-way dialogues with communities and families.

Fundraising and Donor Development

The CEO ensures that GSNorCal is growing engagement and philanthropic support through:

  • Strategic fund-development plans in support of annual giving, special campaigns and planned giving;
  • Two-way communications with individual, foundation, and corporate donors; and
  • Effective stewardship and communication of impact and results through storytelling and data.

Mission Delivery


As Girl Scouts is a relationship and people-driven organization, the CEO:

  • Leads and empowers a full-time staff of approximately 145 full- and part-time staff and 100+ seasonal camp staff, through four direct reports: Chief Community & Program Officer; Chief Organization and People Officer; Chief Financial Officer; and Chief Development Officer;
  • Serves as a role model for girls, volunteers and staff, demonstrating courage, confidence, character, and kindness, and a commitment to make the world a better place;
  • Develops and retains dedicated, high-performing staff with attention to competitive pay and positive workplace practices, effective recruiting, leadership development opportunities, performance management, and succession planning; and
  • Encourages and supports a culture of belonging, trust, learning, and accountability.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging

GSNorCal recognizes its responsibility to be an antiracist organization and to center its work in the strengths and assets of the communities it serves. The CEO ensures that GSNorCal is:

  • Hiring and developing staff who reflect the diversity of the communities GSNorCal serves and who understand and embrace the opportunity to be anti-racist and to nurture diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging for staff, volunteers, girls and their families; and
  • Supporting the council’s girl members and volunteers to nurture diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging for all.

Program and Partnerships

GSNorCal achieves impact for girls through equitable programs that deliver the Essential Girl Scout Experience: sisterhood, caring adults and special experiences, and that, over time, support girls to earn Girl Scouts’ Highest Awards and achieve the Girl Scout leadership outcomes. 

The CEO is responsible for ensuring that GSNorCal achieves impact for girls through:

Program quality and sustainability, including equitable programs for girls who live in low-income communities, and effective and independent evaluation of program quality, impact and outcomes.

  • Camp property and outdoor program experience, safety, and sustainability – GSNorCal operates and maintains 9 camp properties (and surrounding forests), 13 program / service center properties and 4 offices. GSNorCal will be engaged in three major projects during FY23 and FY24: construction and completion of the new Hub outdoor learning lab and welcome center at Camp Bothin in Marin County, planning and executing a sustainable recovery at Camp Skylark Ranch, which has been closed since suffering major damage in the August 2020 CZU (Santa Cruz Mountain) wildfire, and upgrading the water system and kitchen at Camp Hidden Falls.
  • STEM Programs, (science, technology, engineering, math), which encompass everything from protecting California’s beloved natural resources, to building robots with NASA and Google.
  • Product Programs that build girls’ entrepreneurship, marketing, and leadership skills, including the annual fall and cookie sales that generate over 60% of GSNorCal’s annual operating budget.
  • Girl and adult safety and training.

Volunteer Support

Over 90% of GSNorCal’s girl members experience Girl Scouts through volunteer-run troops and camps, and today, more than 50% of Girl Scout troop leaders were not Girl Scouts as girls.

The CEO is responsible for ensuring that GSNorCal is continuously improving and simplifying systems, technology, and support for volunteers, to ensure the experience is relevant and accessible for today’s volunteers and families.

Strategic Governance


The CEO works in partnership with the Board Chair to build and support a high performing, strategic board, engaged in continuous strategic learning, planning, and monitoring. The CEO works with the Board and Board Committees and Task Groups to prioritize resources to achieve strategic objectives and sustainability.

Member Governance

GSNorCal’s bylaws state that GSNorCal “listens to the voice of membership.”  GSNorCal’s Voting Members elect the Board of Directors and the Board Development Committee (which nominates Board members). 

The CEO is responsible for ensuring operational support for effective member governance, including:

  • Board, Board Development Committee, and other Board Committee meetings;
  • Annual Meeting;
  • Annual elections of Delegates who are Voting Members; and
  • Active participation in national governance, including elections of National Council Delegates and support for informed participation in National Council Sessions (typically held every three years).

Financial Health & Effective Operations

The CEO ensures that GSNorCal develops, for Board approval, annual operating and capital budgets, informed by annual plans and investments to advance progress towards board-approved strategic priorities.

As GSNorCal recovers from the impacts of the pandemic on membership and revenue-generating operations, the CEO will work closely with GSNorCal’s Executive Team, Board, and Board Finance, Investment, Audit Committees, and Property Task Group to strengthen the council’s financial health, including:

  • Maintaining at least a 9-month operating reserve;
  • Growing contributed revenue;
  • Maintaining and improving the Council’s properties; and
  • Prudent planning for major projects and repairs.

The CEO ensures effective operations for:

  • Customer-support;
  • Retail (brick and mortar, online, mobile);
  • Customer-facing technology – enabling members to interact with the council in ways that are user-friendly and fun using digital and social as well as traditional tools, while managing interdependence with GSUSA-managed technology and data systems;
  • Technology that improves the efficiency and effectiveness of GSNorCal operations (HR, Finance, Retail, Fund Development/Donor Engagement, Digital Marketing, Lead Management); and
  • Virtual and in-person work environments that support post-COVID best practices for employee well-being and effectiveness.


The next CEO of GSNorCal will lead with humility, valuing input from members, communities, data, and research. The ideal candidate is an empathetic, collaborative team builder, mentor and inspirational leader who operates with a strategic perspective while accomplishing critical daily priorities. The CEO will be a forward-thinking leader who effectively utilizes strong business acumen to inform decisions while remaining mission-driven. Exceptional communication skills are essential and expected. As such, the CEO will be an active listener, have strong interpersonal skills and be a natural relationship builder. The capacity to partner with the fund development team and to relate comfortably with a variety of funders and partners is critical. The CEO will be accessible and transparent and possess the ability to adapt and respond effectively to change, while continuing to lead and mentor the team. This individual must be a coalition-builder who can work on multiple levels with a wide variety of constituencies and across various geographic regions and offices to implement programs and processes, and facilitate change, when required. The successful candidate will have critical thinking skills and will display integrity, good judgment, technical expertise, financial acumen, strong organizational skills, and logical priority-setting skills. 

The CEO will possess a high level of emotional intelligence and an inclusive leadership style that endorses collaboration, trust and open, transparent communication among all stakeholders will be highly valued. This individual will accomplish goals through motivation, the delegation of authority, and the use of systems that are designed for effective planning, evaluation, and accountability. The successful candidate will bring a reputation for honesty, kindness and trustworthiness, a strong work ethic, self-initiative, a good sense of humor and fun, and a high energy level. Curiosity, adaptability, and authenticity will be valued. An appreciation for and comfort with outdoor experiences is also critical. Above all, this individual must be deeply passionate about the work of Girl Scouts and exhibit a compelling enthusiasm for youth development and particularly girl leadership.


The successful candidate will bring a track record of excellence in a senior leadership position, ideally from a complex, multi-site nonprofit youth development or human service organization recognized for its commitment of exemplary service to the community. Individuals with transferrable for-profit experience who demonstrate a passion for Girl Scouts and its mission will also be strongly considered.

Experience building and motivating a strong team with exceptional programmatic results while simultaneously growing an organization’s talent, systems, and processes to enhance its impact and financial sustainability will be highly valued. The ideal candidate will be a dynamic and forward-thinking individual who has shown success in generating widespread support for an organization through positive culture building, and collaborative efforts with internal and external stakeholders. The CEO should also have a good understanding of technology, including use of social media, as well as effective, forward-looking fiscal management, including annual budgeting and cash flow analysis, and implications for nonprofits. Team management experience is required, and the successful candidate must demonstrate an ability to recruit, oversee, develop, inspire, and collaborate with a diverse staff and will have a clearly articulated management philosophy which supports a positive team culture, high performance, and employee retention. Excellent communication skills, including public speaking and writing skills, and success in forming strong community partnerships are essential and expected. 


An undergraduate degree is required; an advanced degree is preferred.


The annual salary range for this position is $275,000 to $325,000. Relocation assistance, if needed, is negotiable. A comprehensive benefits package will be provided.


To apply for this position, visit www.morrisberger.com/searches.php

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